Founded in 2020, Stories of Saturday was born to reinvent classic essentials in a fresh, feminine, & confident way.

The belief of Stories of Saturday is to support women in realizing the importance of building a functional wardrobe.  Whether you live in a seasoned country or tropical climate, owning quality essentials is fundamental to feel like you always have something to wear; and can take you from day to night.

Stories of Saturday is for women who understand the importance of quality materials, appreciates the way clothing makes her feel, & knowingly goes about her day to night with style & ease.

Our pieces are for today’s women; confident, modern, & feminine.


Our Guiding Principle

From the creative process, to the design, to the material selection, all the way through to the tailoring and detail, we take our time & focus our energy to produce the outcome; distinctively designed pieces.  With the belief of our pieces being ‘essential’ to a woman’s wardrobe, the customer is always at the heart of what we do.


Our Approach

Stories of Saturday pieces will continuously carry over to the next season.  We plan with sustainability in mind. Creating pieces that do not fall into an overly-trendy area, the essence of our collections easily transitions one season to the next. Certain items are selective runs as we are not committing to anything that doesn’t represent our ethos.

With each Camisole, we provide soft cotton Garment bags to handle our clothing.  We do not use plastic bags, do not offer tissue paper, no stickers, no waste.  Our pieces are rooted in essential sustainability.


Born in Canada for women everywhere...